Matthew J Carroll


I am a Newton International Fellow with the Surrey Morphology Group & affiliate member of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language.

I research the boundary between redundant and distributed structures in the architecture of language. My research is grounded in traditional qualitative linguistics (typology and description) using mathematical and formal models to make explicit the assumptions and practices of these approaches. I research language from an evolutionary perspective in which grammar is an emergent property of broader cognitive principles. Linguistics as fundamentally an empirical endeavour and I work with data primarily drawn from firsthand fieldwork in the Wasur region of West Papua, specifically the Yam languages spoken in Indonesia (Ngkolmpu & Yei).


My current project is a typology of distributed exponence where I am examining the boundaries of redundant structures in morphology across languages from around the world. Funded by the British Academy. [NF160104]

My upcoming project is documentation of the Yei language funded by the wonderful Endangered Language Documentation Programme.

Along with Rachel Nordlinger, I organise the New Fields for Morphology Workshop which seeks to bring together linguists working on morphological theory and those with new and exciting data.


Mar 2019 - My recent invited talk at SOAS is available on their youtube channel:

Mar 2019 - I was invited to present my work at both SOAS in London and the LFF in Paris. My talk from SOAS should be up on their Youtube channel at some point. I also got to spend two days discussing morphology with the people at the Laboratoire de linguistique formelle at Paris Diderot University!

Feb 2019 - I recently attended the AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington DC where I presented a poster on 'Modelling and Measuring Morphological Redundancy.'

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Surrey Morphology GroupUniversity of Surrey, United Kingdon