Matthew J Carroll


I am a postdoctoral fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language and the School of Culture, History & Language at the Australian National University.

Prior to my current fellowship, I was a Newton International Fellow at the Surrey Morphology Group where I retain visitor status.

I research the limits, emergence and maintenance of linguistic complexity. Currently, I am working on this problem with respect to functional overlap within the structure of words mainly in the languages of southern New Guinea. My research is grounded in traditional qualitative linguistics (typology and description) enhanced with mathematical models to make explicit the assumptions and practices of these approaches. I see linguistics as an empirical science and I work with data primarily drawn firsthand from fieldwork embedded within community-directed language documentation.


My current project is documentation of the Yei language funded by the wonderful Endangered Language Documentation Programme.

Along with Rachel Nordlinger, I organise the New Fields for Morphology Workshop which seeks to bring together linguists working on morphological theory and those with new and exciting data.

My previous project was a typology of distributed exponence where I am examined the boundaries of redundant structures in morphology across languages from around the world. Funded by the British Academy. [NF160104]

mattcarrollj [at]