Course convener

  • Field methods in Linguistics LING3012 & LING6009 2019-Current. Australian National University.


  • Computational methods for linguistic typology. Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language Summer School 2021.

  • Linguistic Field methods Workshop. Prepared and lectured intensive graduate level 2 day Workshop. Universitas Udayana. 19th-20th February 2014.

Guest Lectures

  • 'Exponence in Papuan Languages' LING3031/6031 Papuan Languages. May 2020.

  • 'An Introduction to Intro to Syntax' & 'Structural relations and the role of the lexicon in syntax I' LING2003/6003 Introduction to Syntax. Australian National University. August 2015.

  • ‘Paradigm-Function Morphology and Ngkolmpu' LING2006 Morphology. Australian National University. May 2015.

  • ‘Address Terms and Politeness in Australian English’ for English Department. Universitas Negeri Papua (UNIPA). October 2014.

  • ‘Address Terms and Politeness in Australian English’ for English Department (as visiting scholar). Universitas Udayana. November 2013.


Tutor (TA)

  • Structure of Language with Prof. William Foley. LNGS1001. Sydney University. Semester 1 2011

  • Language in Social Context with Dr. Jason Johnston. LNGS1002. Sydney University. Semester 2 2011